The ODRINO Fountain

Water is life. Current estimates say nearly a billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water. While there are a variety of ways to get water to people, community water taps or “fountains” face a number of engineering problems, from sanitation to durability. Developed in partnership with PROTOS (Belgian NGO specializing in watershed management in developing countries), the ODRINO Fountain design addresses many of these problems.

Born out of decades of real world testing in one of the harshest environments in the world, the ODRINO fountain is the longest lasting and most sanitary design that we know of. We think ODRINO Fountain design can help bring safe water to a thirsty world. Download the engineering diagrams.


The ODRINO Fountain at Passe Catabois, Haiti

Here at ODRINO, we’ve worked with community fountains for the people of rural Haiti since the 1980s. We know that when you cap a spring, pipe the water over miles of gravity fed pipes and bring water to a village, life changes for the better: BIG TIME.

A community water fountain brings life sustaining water for everyone in the village. If something happens and that water stops flowing, people have no choice but face the hardship of longer treks to get water and possibly risk using water from unsafe sources. In a country with cholera on the loose like Haiti, this can be a death sentence. The ODRINO Fountain design extends valve life 5X and keeps the water flowing to the tap for decades without servicing.

Based on the Talflo valve made by Talbot, the ODRINO fountain uses stainless steel construction for decades of service.


The ODRINO Fountain

Key features of the ODRINO Fountain design are:

  • Stainless steel valve cover (made by Dakota AG Welding) to protect the valve from side pressure
  • Remote handle mechanism to keep hands from contaminating the water
  • Riser pipe filled with racquet balls to attenuate water hammer effects on the valve and pipes
  • Variable size pressure control to balance end to end consumption over entire water main
  • Stainless steel street elbow and feeder pipe to prevent underground failures that require demolition of the concrete foundation and fountain to repair
  • Rebar foundation supports

Download the engineering diagrams.